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Swellpro Waterproof GPS RC Drone Fishing toy Brushless 4K camera 3-axis aerial photography professional fishing Drone

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  • Description

    SwellPro Waterproof Drones GPS Automatic return quadcopter Professional fishing Drone 4K Camera rc helicopter 1.6km FPV Drone

    The Most Advanced Fishing Drone:

    – Drone fishing has become the trend in recent years for the advantage of long-range bait casting. However, most of the drones that are being used are not primarily designed for fishing use, this could mean you have to buy a release rig made by a third party and mount it on the legs or fuselage at your own risk. Quite often, those incompatible, rough release rigs may go wrong, dragging the drone into the water and hence, end of story.

    – As a result of this need, early in 2015, Swellpro took the lead to customize Splash drone for fishing, by developing the fisherman version. It comes with a substantial, fully secure, payload release mechanism for precision fishing bait casting.

    Product Feature :
    Waterproof Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Fisherman version with payload release camera
    Splash drone 3 fisherman is the most advanced waterproof fishing drone that introduce the world’s first fishing line release mechanism.

    100% Waterproof:

    – The frame, motors, release mechanism, and every part of Splash drone 3 fisherman are fully waterproof. It is able to take off and land on the water, resist both fresh and salt water, with all metal screws and fastenings made from top quality stainless steel.

    – As Splash drone can float, don’t panic even if it is pulled down into the water by a giant tuna or a great shark, it will return to the surface. Despite the frame being watertight, the battery is still interchangeable, which increases the time available to you, for bait deliveries.

    – Utilizing a 3mm ABS fuselage, the Splash Drone Fisherman is far more rugged than any other drone in the world, being able to survive the various tough water conditions.

    With 1kg payload capacity, Splash drone 3 is capable of carrying more than 10 hooks and baits at one line.

    The remote controller release mechanism offers safe and precise release of fishing baits in desired locations.

    The release mechanism of Splash drone 3 is a quick-release structure, which allows for faster interchange with other modules like the waterproof gimbal.

    The max flight range is more than 1.6 kilometer, enable bait delivery to any unreachable areas.

    Smart flight modes: auto hovering with GPS and altimeter, auto-return home and auto-landing.

    The new Splash drone 3 remote controller is completely redesigned with a built-in FPV monitor for live video feed.

    NEW fully waterproof 4Kcamera,with integrated 3-axis gimbal that provides you the unique ability to captuew smooth and stable video .

    Camera settings can be adjusted using on the built-in buttons instead of the APP.

    High sesitivity and prowerful gimbal motors ensures shake-free footage at all time and hold the position of the camera in the water.

    Live Video Monitor:
    An FPV LCD monitor is built in the remote controller, instantly displaying live video feed from the camera on Splash drone. The video transmission is achieved within a range of 1KM through a 5.8Ghz wireless system, free of delay, or interference. Despite the Splash drone flying out of your sight, you can still determine when and where you are supposed to drop the hook or bait.

    Package list :

    1 x Splash Drone main body
    1 x Remote Controller
    1 x set of Landing Gear
    1 x Balance Charger
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x 4S 5200 mAh LiHV Drone battery
    1 x 2S 2300mAh Remote control battery
    1 x Aircraft User Manual
    1 x Carry case

    1 x 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal and 4K Camera module (or PL2 、PL3)

    ( Important Note: If you want to use the Autonomous Flight features – APP Control ), you will need to select the Autonomous Flight Ground Station Radio Module. )

    Description Drone :

    Waterproof: Floating on the water,max 600m for short time
    – Drone weight:1447g (not including battery)
    – color:orange
    – wheelbase:450mm
    – Max Rising speed:4m/s
    – decent speed:3m/s
    – Max flying speed:20m/s
    – Max flying height: 200m (GPS mode)/1.3km (Attitude mode)
    – Max wind resistance:1 for normal wind=8m/s (11-16knots) (F4
    for uncontinious wind=12m/s (22-27knots) (F6) Peak
    – Hover accuracy: ± 0.5m
    – Flying time:20-23minutes
    – Flying distance: 1.6km
    – flying weight:3Kg
    – carry load:1kg
    – Positioning System:Dual Satelites GPS/GLONSS
    – flight control: Swellpro S3
    – motor :3510/620KV
    – ESC:40A
    – propeller:1242 carbon fiber
    – working temperature:-10C-40C
    – battery type:4S 15.2V 5200mah lipo battery
    – Battery weight:561g
    – Charging time:90 minutes


    Battery Type:4S lipo battery for drone / 2S lipo battery for controllor
    Capacity:14.8V 5200mAh(Drone) / 7.4V 1800mAh(controller)
    Charging Temperature:-10℃ – +40℃

    Remote Control:

    Range:1.6KM ( no Interference condition)
    Receiver Sensitivity(1%PER):-105dbm
    Working Current:160-300mAh
    No.of Channels:10

    FPV Video transmission:

    Screen Size:5 inch
    Maximum transmission distance: 1.6KM

    3 axis-4KYuntai camera:

    waterproof RAting:IP67
    Stabilization System: 3-axis-Adjustable tilt , roll
    Controllable Range:Tilt -90° to 0 ,Vertical -25° to 25°
    Angle step precision:±0.02°
    Image sensor:1/2.3″ CMOS,1600M
    lens:FOV 90°f/2.5
    ISO range:100-1600

    Image resolution:16M(4608×3456 4:3) 12M(4000×3000 4:3)8.3M(3840X2160 16:9)

    Video resolution: PAL: 3840X2160@25fpd 2720×1530@25fps 2560×1350@50/25fps

    1920×1080@100/50/25fps 1280×720@200/100fps
    NTSC: 3840X2160@30fps 2720×1530@30fps

    2560×1530@60/30fps 1920×1080@120/60/30p 1280×720@240/120fps

    Video maximum code stream:60Mbps
    Image format:JPEG
    Video format:MOV/MP4
    Support memory card:Class 10 or UHS-1 above specification Micro SD card

    PL2 Device:

    waterproof RAting:IP67
    weight :175g
    Image sensor:1/3″CMOS
    pixel:720*576(PAL) 720*487(NTSC)
    Video maximum code stream resolution:800TVL(720P)

    PL3 Device:

    waterproof RAting:IP67
    Image sensor:1/2.3″CMOS
    ISO range:100-1600
    Video resolution
    APP contral :1920×1080@30/60fps 1280×720@30/60fps

    Remote control :2880×2160 @24fps 2560×1440@30fps 1920×1080@30/60fps


    14MP@4320X3240 10MP@3648X2736 5MP@2592X1944

    Video maximum code stream:28000Kbps
    pixel:FOV:106° at F2.0
    Image format:JPEG
    Video format:MOV/MP4
    Support memory card:Class 10 or UHS-1 above specification Micro SD card , biggest support 64GB

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