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Visual Underwater Drone Mini RC Model Submarines HD Photo Camera Remote Control Ship Robot to Detect Fish High-Tech Toy


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  • Description

    Visual Underwater Drone Mini RC Model Submarines HD Photo Camera Remote Control Ship Robot to Detect Fish High-Tech Toy


    It is a miniature submarine drone designed for travellers; it is lightweight and portable, and can be mastered with one hand. It is equipped with a 1080P full HD lens and can dive 15 meters to shoot high-definition photos and videos. Inheriting the GLADIUS MINI’s exquisite craftsmanship and 5 propeller structure design, the volume is reduced by 65%, the weight is reduced by 56%, the operation is simple, plug and play; the new GPS positioning function is used to prevent loss; the 19 kinds of image filters built into the exclusive APP Quick editing of mirrors and videos helps you to share with friends in one click. It is a good partner for family and friends to travel outdoors.


    Product parameters

    • Product Name: Submersible
      Size: 247mm* 188mm*92mm
      Weight: 1.1kg.
      Maximum depth: 15m
      Maximum speed: 1.5kn
      Life time: 60 minutes
      Number of battery cycles: ≥300times
      Size: 130mm* 130mm’ 88mm
      Weight: 160g
      Storage: 8G
      Maximum wireless WiFi distance: 15m
      CMOS: 1/2.9 inches
      Aperture: F/1.6
      Focal length: 4mm
      ISO range: 100-3200
      Field of view: 100 °
      Maximum photo resolution: 2M (1920*1080)
      Photo format: JPEG
      Video resolution: FHD: 1920* 1080 30FPS video maximum stream: 4M
      Video format: MP4
      IMU: Three-axis gyroscope / accelerometer / compass
      Depth sensor: error less than ± 0.5 m
      Temperature sensor: error less than soil 2 ° C
      Power: 12.6V 2A
      Submersible charging time: 2 hour
      LED fill light
      Brightness: 2*250 lumens
      Color temperature: 4000K- 5000K
      CRI: 80
      Dimming: not adjustable
      packing list
      Submersible / buoy 115 meters cable / power adapter
      Adapter (US, UK, Australia, Europe) / storage bag / manual warranty card / quick use guide / take the hook
      Core parameter
      Live broadcast: mobile phone direct connection device WIFI
      Remote control distance: 15 meters for diving 15 meters
      Lens: F1.6 large aperture
                100° wide angle HD 1080P
                 Remote control up and down 45°
      Fill light: 2*250 lumens
      Battery life: built-in 4800 mAh lithium battery
      Continuous use for 60 minutes
      Storage: Built-in 16G
      Size: 247*1 88*92mm
      Host: 1.1kg
      Official standard:
      1: GPS buoy 2: 15 m buoyancy line 3: Submersible 4: Storage bag 5: Charger 6: Instruction manual
      7: British / European / US / Australian standard adapter

    Product Features:

    • Addition and subtraction of 45 ° adjustable pitch angle mode body can be adjusted within 45 ° range, look more widely, shoot more. The locking tilt angle can also advance, retreat, float, and dive.
    • In the depth mode, you can navigate and hover at a specified depth to accurately find and capture the picture you want.
    • GPS buoys, buoys equipped with GPS chips, exclusive APP real-time display location range prompts, underwater anti-lost warning, no longer lost.
    • 1 hour battery life, 4800mAh large capacity lithium battery, play. Chang shot, just charge the submersible other accessories without charging.
    • 1080P full HD camera, F/1.6 aperture, high-definition, low-chromaticity precision imaging, discharging vivid underwater images.
    • Near daylight standard fill light, 2″250 lumens, lighter the colorful underwater world to see more clear and more beautiful.
    • Restore the true color, APP image restoration algorithm, repair underwater color distortion, remove impurities, make the picture quality clearer and more beautiful, the picture is cleaner.
    • Mobile phone operation, gamification experience, virtual compass interface design, playability is more powerful to get rid of heavy diving equipment, no need for expensive diving license, just a mobile phone, underwater wonderful, panoramic view.
    • The original double interactive mode, sneak multi-core support two terminal devices to access at the same time, interactive, one person to operate the machine and shooting, the other one can not only watch but also shoot at the same time, fun double.
    • The powerful material editor is a dedicated app for stealth multi-capacity, built-in powerful material editor, 19 picture filters, video clips, and every scene is a big scene.
    • Simulated streamlined design, inheriting the subtle craftsmanship and 5 propeller structure design, technology appearance, bionic streamlined design, underwater navigation is more smooth.


    Product photos

    This product does not include the battery,please prepare it by yourself.





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