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Visuo Xs816 Drone With 50 Times Zoom Wifi Fpv 4k Dual Camera Optical Flow Quadcopter Foldable Selfie Dron Vs Sg907

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  • Description

    1. The product adopts 6-axis gyroscope technology, which can fly indoors and outdoors with strong wind resistance;

    2. The aircraft adopts 2.4G frequency, long remote control distance and sensitive operation, which can realize simultaneous operation of multiple people without interference;

    3. This product can realize the general four-way functions (up, down, left turn, right turn functions; forward, backward, left, right functions) through the remote control. At the same time, the throwing function and the stunt roll function are added. In order to meet different levels of operators, the low speed, medium speed, high speed and three gear modes are specially added.

    4. When the consumer adjusts the fine-tuning in disorder, the fine-tuning can be restored in one click.

    5. Add “headless mode” to the product, that is, where the aircraft is unable to point, it is subject to the operator’s operation direction.

    6. The product has added the “one button return” function

    7. With WiFi real-time return function WiFi camera pitch adjustment

    8. The mobile phone operates the aircraft by simulating the rocker, and the mobile phone operates the aircraft by gravity sensing. Mobile phone stores video and can be played back whatever
    time, anywhere

    9. Optical flow visual positioning gesture photographing gesture video humanoid following dual camera lens switching 4 kinds of pictures (ordinary front lens, lower lens, picture in picture split ) palm control trajectory flight rotation lens headless mode MV editing


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